Wholesale furniture market in Beijing China

Our warehouse aims to be a one-stop warehouse where you can buy furniture from allover the world.
We bring it all together in Beijing and on the WorldWideWeb.

You will probably want to come and check our facilities the first time. But thanks to our internet ordering system you can place orders with our sales team. A dedicated sales person will get to know your needs and make sure you get what will make your business successful.

For the Chinese market

For the local (Chinese) we're a wholesale market where designers, constructors, etc... can purchase products they can not (easily) find in China (yet). We are not a retail shop, and require minimum order values. Our discounts to local buyers are based on their yearly purchase volume.
(if you're interested in selling your products in China, then read this:

For export

For the foreigner coming to shop in our warehouse, we normally only work on a FCL (full container load) base, although it happens that our customer urgently needs some CBM of this or that, which we then send as LCL.
Your advantages :
  • pre-selected good selling items
  • save costs :
    - no need to ship from different countries
    - no need to source and visit
      (save on plane tickets, spend your time selling instead of sourcing,
      count on us to make your stock turnover better, ...)
  • service and quality assurance (according EU and US standards)
  • extra services: professional photo shooting, website development, ...

Soon you will read here about the wholesale market we run in our warehouse in Beijing.

China: wholesale vs. retail

There used to be little difference... but times have changed!

Only in the few years before the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, the retail market started developing in a western way. Shanghai developed earlier and is the example for second and third tier cities.

Chinese used to buy from markets rather than from nicely setup shops. Fixed pricing was unthinkable, and bargaining went as far that anyone buying more than 100 USD gets similar prices as an exporter buying a FCL.
A good examples to illustrate this is GaoBeiDian. Which used to be the place where to buy full containers of antiques from the many factories and warehouse. But the governement forced the factories to move outside the fifth ringroad and as the downtown is expanding, GBD is becoming a retail shopping street. Most shops can't give factory pricing and slowly but surely their prices increase, become fixed, and service value increases.

We dare to say the market is maturing. Factories become larger, wholesalers offer specialized services, retailers focus on conquering that hungry local consumer market.