Asian Home Deco


Asian Home Deco (AHD) is a service company that sources traditional Chinese furniture for you in and around Beijing.
There are also some of it's own lines, and thanks to the years of experience we can produce at the very source any model of classic Chinese furniture you require.

AHD is an integral part of KNG Asia, and is actually where it all started for KNG Asia (see history of FHQ and on the right)

Asian Home Deco: Decorations for your home in Asian style.

The services from AHD are:

  • sourcing
  • price negotiating (we actually guarantee the best price)
  • quality control
  • professional photo shooting
  • white-page service: online stock from many warehouse made available through your own website
  • ...

Asian Home Deco furniture and chinese antiques

The website offers the possibility to fill up your container online, with a huge stock from various factories we cooperate with. What you don't find, will be sourced by an experienced sales person dedicated to your project.

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(pics : from sourcing to final photo to container loading)


The history
KNG Asia, the holding company above FHQ and AHD, actually found it's roots in Asian Home Deco.
It is Siri Dyal Khalsa, who started back in the year 2000 to work as an agent for buyers in China. Having a passion for furniture and being perfectly bilingual (Chinese and mother tongue American), made him the most wanted help.
That experience and the entrepreneurial mindset brought him to setup KNG Asia, together with French partner Antoine, who was seeking to run a trading and consulting company.
Only in 2011 the department FHQ was added, when Frederic, the third partner, joined to create his import project.

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Asian Home Decorations

It became a hype in the 80's, was over the top in the early 2000, but now sees a matured revival, meaning that the crap is out of the market: better quality, more realistic styles, ...