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One Chinese family ...

These are sites hosted (and often also made) by ourselves. Under our holding company : online warehouse with the best of what is available in Chinese furniture stocks : your source for Tibetan style decoration and furniture : the Chinese site for , form pottery to art : the Chinese site for , top-end French furniture : the Chinese site for , real wooded floors from France

Furniture business : CSIL Market Research: industry research reports with statistics, trends & forecasts and profiles of top companies. : Complete information source for the furniture industry featuring retailer and manufacturing news, plus product trends and market analysis.

China : ... for if you want to learn some Chinese! Great school for all levels. Beijing and Shanghai.

other ...


In the spotlight:

That's the Chinese part of Furniture-HQ. We not only sell furniture to you, we can also help you to sell your furniture in China!
Furniture-HQ can represent your brand, find distributors and even sell through our platform and warehouse.

KNG Asia has many years experience in offering market entry services to all kind of company's and brands. FHQ focuses on the furniture and deco industry!