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2014/01/01: Happy newyear 2014 !!!

KNG Asia wrote down some quotes of 2013, ambitions for 2014 and wishes for a prosperous year.
Click to read our Christmas Tree and Newyear Card.

KNG Asia, China, trating,consulting,neayear 2014

2013/09/18: Furniture China Exhibition, Shanghai

KNG Asia has participated to, the most important furniture design fair in China.
We made it a successful event with a very attractive booth, that corresponds perfectly with the image and style of our partner . Photo report click here.

furniture china shanghai fair 2013 D&M depot exhibition

2013/05/07: KNG Asia is the holding company

KNG Asia has been around for 5 years now, and we feel it's a good moment to remind our visitors and clients that KNG Asia is the holding (trading) company for it's different departments; we do local sales, trade and consulting, import and logistics, production and QC, export and sourcing, localization and representation,...Asian Home Deco has been around for well 10 years already. Furniture-HQ is the newest and most ambitious department, specializing in furniture and local representation.

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2013/02/01: 2013 year of the SNAKE !!!

Furniture-HQ wishes everyone a happy 2013 and successful year of the snake.
The Year of the Water Snake brings on good business and career opportunities. You know you want a piece of that, so look at places you can improve and start making it happen.

Take a short holiday and charge your batteries for the challenges ahead!

Chinese year of the snake business

2012/07/12: Beijing Home Fashion & Decor fair

From July 12 to 15 FHQ has participated to the fair in Beijing.
In our small booth we've showed the variety of products that we have to offer. This fair is very local market oriented and thus not really an export fair. Perfect for the Chinese entrepreneur to get some good business ideas.
You can read a report and see some pictures here: BJHFD .

Home Fashion and Deco fair in Beijing 20120

2012/03/18: Canton Fair, CIFF in Guangzhou

Furniture HQ took part in the big canton fair to showcase the brands it represents.

You can read more about our booth and impressions here: CIFF 2012

CIFF2012 canton fair

2012/01/18: Chinese New Year 2012:

Again the same story ... the whole country comes to a halt during about 2 weeks, and everything goes terribly slow 2 weeks before, and it takes 2 weeks after to get back on tempo ...
But anyway ... "Xin Nian Kuai Le!"

furniture industry struck by chinese newyear

2012/01/01: A successful New Year!

For us at KNG Asia, 2012 will be a tremendously exciting and prosperous year. But fear remain worldwide for the economy to still not be on the straight upward recovery track.
Furniture-HQ is here to help you!
To help you buy cheaper, better and more efficiently. Save costs by not having to travel around the world to source your ethnic styles.
To help you sell in China: market entry services, brand positioning, constancy.
You want to predict what will happen to the market? check : World Furniture Outlook 2012

furniture china 2012





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