Introduction to our products

About fashion, style and taste

It would be ridiculous to think that what I fell is beautiful must be beautiful for any one! But it would be silly if we don't put a large dose of our own taste and esthetic feeling in our own collections. If you're passionate about your job, then people must recognize you in your work.
That being said, and keeping in mind that the holding company is a trading company, it's important to know that we can get almost anything you need. But very important is the capacity to understand what you need. This first step of the sales process is something that is way too often passed over too quickly. We take our time to understand your business, your taste, and your customers; we will try to advice some changes where we believe it could be good, but in the end it's YOUR business.

About Price and quality

It's the strong believe of the management that quality prevails over price, but quality does not come at whatever price! Through our experience in the business we know what can be expected for a certain price level. And although it's sometimes hard to explain this to our customers (who for ex. want cheap and high end at the same time), we do our best to transfer as much knowledge to them so they understand the various price-quality levels.
Most important is that we will honestly tell  you what the quality of each product is and thus what difficulties you might encounter with for ex. Indian furniture which is for ex. made with much lower carpentry skills than traditional Chinese furniture.

Main categories

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About the development of interior design for private homes in China
For those of you who've been coming to China before 2008, they will have seen the fast development of the Chinese society. Mainly the cities boomed into a wealthy society where brands and fashion become more visible.
Even just walking on the street and looking at how people are dressed, says a lot.
The same development that happened in the clothes-business before 2008 is now happening for the interior design business.
Not only do Chinese acquire more taste, and do they get better informed by the media, but also there's more families who've got the budget to spend on interior design. A lot of the middle class have bought their apartment early this millennium, and now that the loan is not such heavy burden anymore they can spend it on the interior.

It's a very interesting development I, FreD., have seen in the past years... I'm always enthusiastic to exchange opinions about it, so please contact me!