Louis De Poortere

One of Belgiums prides, a traditional manufacturer of rugs and broadloom. A long history dating back to 1929, all still made in Belgium today and famous all over the world.

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Even in the Middle Ages, Flemish textile products have an excellent reputation throughout Europe. Everyone envies the talent of the Flemish weavers. Nobody is their equal in combining beauty and quality.
Within this world of know-how and creativity the great Flemish carpet tradition grows. The beautiful city of Kortrijk, cradle of Louis De Poortere, becomes the center of this industry.  
Each project is another step, each step is another conquest...

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When Louis De Poortere established in Kortrijk the company, he named after himself, he can rely on the solid experience acquired since 1859 by the family company De Poortere Freres, cloth manufacturers and merchants.   But Louis De Poortere's innate desire for innovation forces him to explore new horizons. He starts designing carpets with Oriental patterns which immediately enchant the British market.  
Year after year, Louis De Poortere carries on with his innovations: he diversifies his collections, explores new production techniques and multiplies his creations.  
Staying ahead in technology. To have complete creative freedom... Louis De Poortere has always provided all the necessary means to create.  
As innovator, designer and pioneer, Louis De Poortere characterizes his company with his desire for progress. Thanks to its high technology, Louis De Poortere already lives in the future.  
Its extensive machinery, which masters the most advanced techniques, enables the company to offer the world's most diversified range of products.

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The Louis De Poortere philosophy is based on a simple concept : we aim to be more than just a manufacturer of carpets.  

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In branching into home decorating, we have had to increase our creativity to meet your estetic requirements, and this has stimulated us to transform generic into magic.  
Because people are increasingly seeking beauty, elegance, value and comfort for their homes, our designers and technicians have created entire collections that are modern and accessible, and designed to bring you the upmost pleasure. Because your demands are becoming increasingly specific and your tastes more assured, we have developed bold concepts that are simple and attractive and will enable you to easily reach ultimate sophistication in your floorcovering.  
At Louis De Poortere you will find rugs, carpets, stair runners and even border rugs, which you could freely mix and match to make your decorating "home sweet home" experience a pleasure.   Our passion is to offer you this pleasure.

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You can check out all teh Louis De Poortere rugs and samplesof the broadloom Haute Couture collection in our flagshipstore in Shenzhen.