chenedelestChêne de l’est is a number one brand from France for massive wooden flooring and parquet.

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KNG Asia has through it's French office laid a solid base for cooperation with Chêne de l'Est.
After done a market research, we got convinced of the potential of this brand in China. High end flooring AND price competitive.


The Ullens Centre in Beijing, has been floored by Chêne de l'Est: a nice example of how famous architects choose to use this type of flooring which can bare the heavy use and test of time.

KNG Wood

KNG Wood is a JV setup between KNG Asia and AFC Development, the French partner.
AFC helps us to close the gap between French brands and the Chinese market.

kng wood lumber china import

Although initially started to sell lumber from France to China, soon several related businesses, like parquet, found us too.