Tara Home: Indian design

tara home indian design furniture beijing china

Tara’s  line of Indian Furniture & Indian Decorations features beautiful silk Indian Bedding, Indian Floor Cushions, Sari and Silk Pillows and Pillow Covers, Silk Curtains, Indian Seating and Carved Beds.

We work with designers and craftsmen to create our unique line of home furnishings from salvaged and reclaimed teak and hard woods, molding them into exquisite pieces for modern homes.

Our Indian furniture and decorations features a wide selection of Indian Furniture as well as Indian Decorations, from Indian bedding sets to curtains made from Rajasthani print Saris and Velvets with authentic trims.

indian living room design china beijing
Indian style living room design by Tara

Our beds are created from assorted old pillars and beautiful carved panels, which work within any space; our Platform beds and 4 Poster beds have clean lines and lend themselves to modern homes.

indian bedroom design china beijing

Tara’s Signature Seating and Fabrics have Drawn attention from around the world, with our Indian and Moroccan inspired low seating sets, Sofas, Daybeds and hand carved round Ottomans, complimented by our extensive colorful textile collection.

indian style furniture and deco in Beijing tara home

Our textiles, made from Indian wedding sari fabrics and Chinese silks, are stitched into decorative floor cushions, pillows and silk cushion covers, that can be used to create your own unique seating set.

What to expect with hard wood furniture

Most of our furniture is made from Indian rosewood, or sheesham wood (dalbergia sisoo), from renewable sources in northern India. It is kiln dried and treated prior to manufacture. Sheesham is a heavy and hard wood with a rich chestnut colour, well-suited for furniture making. Every piece that we offer is made from natural hard woods, such as sheesham wood, or reclaimed woods like old teak, giving it that rustic look you will find at Tara Home. So expect slight imperfections, as they are part of the character of the piece. Old recycled wood products will often come with original nails and patching from years of wear. These are traits that are often sought after when selecting old pieces of art. Slight discolorations in the stain are to be expected in pieces that are made from old parts. Knotting is the most common of markings and is the fingerprint of natural wood. These vary in size and occur frequently in natural products. These characteristics are why every piece of our furniture is unique, no two pieces will be quite the same, unlike mass produced veneered or laminated furniture.