Import back valuable Chinese antiques to sell

Since about 2008 the call for Chinese antiques IN CHINA has become more and more serious; and today we see some valuable piece getting brought back to China for magnificent prices. We all know stories about the American auction houses packed with Chinese buyers, and for ex. Ming porcelain bowls getting sold at prices 5 times their estimation.
FHQ didn't jump on this new market, but finally since 2013 we're answering the call of our clients abroad (who bought from 10 years ago, and can sell some pieces back with a huge profit) and clients in China (amongst which: our suppliers whom we used to buy from for AHD who now beg us to find good antiques abroad).
auction house full of chinese buyers
            Some call it the world upside down...
but who cares? it's business! And we're here to help you!

Show the Chinese buyers what you've got available!
Furniture HQ thus proposes suppliers outside of China to present their Chinese antiques in our catalog. Potential buyers will receive our catalog with good pictures and requested prices, via weekly newsletters. Also the items will be shown in our online gallery.
The items can be inside or outside of China at the moment of sales.  Having the piece available in our warehouse, will of course increase the possibility for sales and good price.
Shipment can go piece by piece or with a (consolidated) container load. We do the importing and dispatch to the buyer, or the buyers can do everything himself.
appraisal chinese antiquesAppraisal
You can suggest a price yourself, and we can advice.
But it might be advisable to get an external appraisal service by a licensed professional.
Get started today! Show us what you have available.
What we'll need are nice pictures, and some close up shots. Certificates, valuations, and all possible information will only make it easier.
We'll agree on a price, including our fair(ly small) commission, and our sales team will start selling it!

contact us to discuss more!

eBay and Chinese antiques

I found a very interesting and elaborate article on the eBay website.
It explains about all the 90% fakes that are being sold, the hunger of the Chinese for importing back valuable antiques, valuation and the dangers of buying from unknown sellers.

You can read the full article here:
"The Brutal Truth about Buying Chinese Antiques on eBay"

In our AHD-newsletter of August 2013, we mentioned this:

Over 10 to 15 years ago hundreds of containers packed with beautiful antiques were exported from Gao Bei Dian (Beijing), Ningbo, Zhuhai. The prices were dirt cheap! Only very few Chinese showed interest in those pieces, except for some top end ones.
But times have changed! When we go to the antique markets in remote area's, we don't see many valuable (or even hardwood) furniture anymore. It seems they have simply all been exported long time ago. On top of that, since about 8 years, as the wealth increased, new rich Chinese started showing a big interest in those valuable antiques, and slowly started sourcing them abroad. Nowadays, we all know the stories of crazy prices being paid at Sotheby's for for ex. Chinese porcelain.
Some of our clients have inquired if we can help them find Chinese buyers for their masterpieces. And yes we can! We have a sales network in China and connect with many antique dealers.
So that's why, with this email we'd like to ask you if you'd be interested in this business. If so, send us some pictures and explanation, then we'll get you an estimation of the sales price.