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This page is an elaboration of point 2b. on our services page:

2. Business development of your products in China
    b. Develop your brand in China.

Some of the sayings go like: "if you come to China: come big or stay home!"
A Chinese proverb: "to open a shop is easy, to keep it open an art"

Let there be no doubt, you surely shouldn't come unprepared to China! Not in the past and surely not now that the competition is much more fierce!

With the experience acquired from KNG Asia in the past years, the managers will setup a plan for your business. The main phases will always be similar to: 1. research, 2. strategy planning, 3. setup phase, 4. business development, 5. corrections to ensure growth.

When you are thinking of coming to sell your products in China, then we can present you with the following services:

  • General Consulting: all our managers gathered experience in their past years of doing business in China. There's some basics that one needs to understand about the differences in culture (social and business). We can also advice on Chinese law, taxation, marketing and sales techniques, logistics, etc...
  • Product-market research: We first need to make sure if you're product is apt for the Chinese buyer, or if you'll have to wait till the Chinese society changes (Westernizes) more. (ex. how many forks can you sell in China?)
    A lot depends on the if there's already a similar product or brand available/successful in China. Doing a basic market research will teach us who are the main competitors, where such products are sold, etc...  
  • Intellectual property protection: this is often one of the first worries of new clients, "how can I prevent that my product will be copied". We will make a report specific for you product with suggestions on which steps can be taken, what's the time line and cost.
    When needed we hire the services of lawyers in our network, registration bureau's, ...
  • Early Business planning: "no plan, no business". Let us explain you the different models that are available. Will you need your own warehouse or ship form abroad to the Chinese buyer? Will you require to setup a Joint Venture or repsoffice? Will you need staff in China? What budgets are involved?

In later stages we will start making an action plan, preparing products, materials, procedures, etc ... A descent marketing plan is a big part of this. Here's some services that you might require:

  • Localization: that is more than only translating whatever marketing materials that you have ready in other languages. To be efficient we might have to change a bit the style, the look, change some slogans or add popular icons, etc ...
    How about a Chinese name for your brand? Is it necessary?
  • Chinese website: that means we can translate/localize your current website, by adding a language-button or by making a complete new site. You might also consider using our Chinese server to avoid slow loading and censorship issues.
    Directly related to that, a different SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will have to be developed so that your website attracts enough interesting visitors.
  • Regulatory Environment Analysis: We'll inform you about the legal aspects of doing YOUR business in China. Some products need to be licensed before being allowed to sell in China, this is often a long procedure with many test in a bureaucratic maze.
    We can write you a report about customs issues, which might require we do some research to know what duties will be levied on your goods. This is becoming more and more an issue since the implementation of VAT and luxury tax.
  • Fair participation: FHQ takes part in some fairs as a group, which puts your product in the window. We could rent out a room in our booth to dedicate it to your company. But we've also managed booths for single brands at specialized fairs.
    We manage everything from negotiating place and price with the fair organizers, booth construction, staff, marketing materials and sales.
  • Franchise programs: Chinese entrepreneurs consider one of the big advantages of working with foreign brands, the fact that the business model is ready for use and has already proven successful. We are sure that presenting your products in a franchise model makes it very attractive for B2B. Whether it are small shop-in-shops of full franchise models.
  • showroom: we can setup showroom for your model in our own warehouse, consider it a permanent exhibition. That is useful to show your business model, surely in the start up phase when there are not many example stores opened in China.

Further steps to consider:

  • Setup Joint Entities: Would it be interesting for you company to make a JV with us or another Chinese partner? In what legal form would that be? We can make a study for you and suggest which is the best (of many) options, and what are the (dis)advantages.
  • Produce in China: KNG Asia has experience in product development, furniture manufacturing, etc ... At certain stage you might want to consider making or at least finishing or assembling your products in China.
  • Dedicated staff: we could already in early stages dedicate staff to exclusively work on your project. But once further business steps are taken, you'll need our help for setting up an efficient HR and payroll management.
  • Your own office space: this can be considered as a practical reps office. We rent out an office dedicated to you company. That can be used for when your (sales) staff comes to work in China for a certain period, or to receive clients as if it were in your own office.
  • Bookkeeping and accounting: in our standard services you will experience the benefits of our well organized bookkeeping systems. But in later stages we might have to implement more complex accounting adapted to your business to ensure optimal tax planning, tax compliance, usable financial reports, prepare for inspections and audits.

The service of KNG Asiakng asia trading and qc beijing
While it started mainly as a pure trading company doing a lot of sourcing and QC, nowadays KNG Asia offers a wide variety of professional services.

- General consulting office
- Market Entry Services
- Reps office registration
- Product development
- Localization of sales and marketing

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List of services:
- wholesale
(buying buying buying!)
- sourcing
- QC
- market entry services
- brand positioning and registration
- reps office management
-  localization of your sales and marketing
- franchising services
- factory auditing
- ...