European Antiques, straight from Ireland.

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The family Flanagans, is one of the most respected antique dealers and furniture makers of Great-Brittan.
They read about the demand for high end antiques in China, Beijing, and through a Hong-Kong consultant ( got introduced to the services of KNG Asia.

Furniture-HQ has since long played with the thought to have a department for Western Antiques, and saw with this Irish company the best opportunity for a reliable partner that can deliver the high standard that is needed to differentiate from the mass (Chinese) opportunists who are already importing randomly European "antiques".

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One example:
Late Georgian Mahogany Bureau (full description see here)

And proud we are, to have the opportunity to bring to the Chinese market the magnificently restored pieces of antiques. This 3rd generation business has access to the most exclusive sources of unique antiques.
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Their many year of experience in antique resorting brought them the skills to also produce reproduction furniture of the highest level. Under the watchful eye of the father who designs the interiors, the sons produce custom made furniture for the top-end hotels, government buildings, and famous people of Ireland.

flanagan antiques ireland example flanagan antiques ireland example flanagan antiques ireland example
flanagan antiques ireland example flanagan antiques ireland example

Flanagan's History and marketing policy:

Flanagans Furniture Ltd is a 3rd generation furniture business originating from Derry in Northern Ireland about 1946. Flanagans’ market policy is built upon a somewhat quirky respect for their customers’ taste and intelligence. Brian, who began the business in the mid 70’s, likes to raise eyebrows by asseverating that he puts the furniture even before the customer! He believes that as far as antiques are concerned both he, his craftsmen and his customers, are but trustees for future generations. And as for new furniture it is not the trimmings that count so much as the right furniture at the right price.

Brian's father, Jim, had always taught him to love the beautiful. So he came up with a vision to start a business to produce modern designs utilizing old craft skills.

But starting as he did with little more than an idea the age-old problems of business soon made their presence felt. He struggled through the 70’s and 80’s to build and retain a team of cabinetmakers, polishers and upholsterers. Manufacturing became well nigh impossible. Restoration work continued and he steered the project firmly into the antiques market.

Their watchword for survival? A very wide range of product – both old and new. We try never to say ‘No’. But the core answer is in fact that we do put the furniture first. We have accepted furniture sold by us 30 years ago in the 70’s and 80’s in part exchange. ‘Waste not want not.’ And we still allow customers to try things out in their own homes. In other words we enter typically upon a long-term ‘furniture conversation’ with folk. We become their ‘furniture friends’. These conversations have to span both lean times and good times. At all times it is about getting the furniture right.

And if you don’t credit this, just ask yourself: are you not at this very moment engaged in one? Have you and we not started a furniture conversation? We look forward to meeting you.