FHQ Buying Services

"using a long definition, we consider ourselves:
Independent Furniture Industry Trading&Consulting Company in Beijing, China"

1. BUYING and -services

We offer a huge variety of furniture and deco from all over the world. We are a one stop furniture wholesale warehouse, where you can consolidate the mixed container of items that sell best in your business. You name it, we can get it!
We don't just sell, but we give you advice, and offer you packages to run your furniture store successfully.
a. BUY from our Wholesale Warehouse: an eclectic mix of styles and a selection of brands.
We import ethnic styles from India, Africa and South America, as well as European Antiques; and present them in one warehouse with one catalog. You do not need to travel to all those places anymore and be forced into buying a full container load of one local style.
We represent several respected foreign brands, who mainly want to sell on the Chinese market, but we find out our international buyers love to grab a few pieces of those brands to add to their container.
We also have some Chinese brands in our portfolio, which through our platform want to be seen internationally.

We are not a retail store. We only sell B2B, but you can always contact us and we'll get you in touch with the retailer nearest to you.
For certain brands we have distributors for various provinces in China, who help us to provide better service to our B2B buyers.
About our prices: we like to work based on suggested retail prices. You actual B2B price will depend on your single order or yearly accumulated purchase volume.
b. Full concept business solutions / (mini) franchises
For each of our lines we have a business solution ready to be implemented into your shop. That means we supply you with advice and guidance on how to increase the success of your business. We design the space where you will sell the products, with appropriate shelves, lightning, colors, .... We can supply marketing materials, special packaging with product-logo, professional pictures of the items, ... We also can give training for your staff about the products itself or the sales techniques in general.
Depending on the size you require we have basically the following models:
- Shop-In-Shop (SIS): from a single shelve, several SQM up to 50 SQM (or more). Implement a recognizable corner within your shop to sell one specific brand or style. (some call it a mini-franchise) These corners add a specific atmosphere and image to your business, which can be in line with your current collections, or totally something new. Each business solution has a proven track of success.
- Full franchise : this is not only bigger than a SIS, but a full franchise actually makes your whole shop, outside and inside, staff and management structure, website and marketing.
C. Sourcing and production services

As the mother company, KNG Asia, in it's roots is a trading and sourcing company, adding the fact that we're specialist in the furniture industry, makes it needles to say that we're the best partner for your China-made furniture and decor. What we don't already have in our warehouse, we will know where to get it from the source.
The experience of the management with furniture production and interior design, makes that we can offer you professional service for custom made furniture pieces, but also full interiors. (ex. in China we designed, produced furniture, bought accessories and basically all the needs for a new hotel in Europe)

The service of KNG Asiakng asia trading and qc beijing
While it started mainly as a pure trading company doing a lot of sourcing and QC, nowadays KNG Asia offers a wide variety of professional services.

- General consulting office
- Market Entry Services
- Reps office registration
- Product development
- Localization of sales and marketing

Please visit www.kngasia.com for more info.

List of services:
- wholesale
(buying buying buying!)
- sourcing
- QC
- market entry services
- brand positioning and registration
- reps office management
-  localization of your sales and marketing
- franchising services
- factory auditing
- ...