Indian furniture and deco

Since decades Indian furniture has been exported to Europe ad the US. IN the beginning mainly antiques, but soon the factories acquired the techniques for antiquing. Nowadays Indian furniture is loved for the patina's and robustness. For sure there's a different level of wood craftsmanship compared to Chinese furniture, but you can't find the same touch anywhere else in the world than in India. Besides wooden furniture India has also the best worn-iron trunks, pots and barrels. And let's not forget the colorful Indian textiles with, very popular these days, patchwork poufs and pillows.
Indian Furniture Wholesale export via China Beijing

At Furniture-HQ, we're importing regularly containers from India, to sell partially on the Chinese market, but also as a mixed-style container for export.

Our stock

In our Indian Photo Galleries you can see over 200 photo's of furniture and Accessories that we have in stock.

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Tara Home
Full concept Indian interior design

FHQ has partnered up with Tara Home, a famous dealer for Indian style in the US.
Tara Home is since long respected for it's fine selection of Indian textiles, furniture and accessories. Their stores a regarded as masterpieces that show what can be done with Indian interior designing.

tara home indian design furniture beijing china

We're ready to help you plan your Indian store or corner. We can give you tips on display and room arrangements.
Actually, in China, we sell Tara Home as a franchise concept.

To read more about Tara home, please check here: Tara Home.