European Ethnic Styles

What's the Ethnic style of Europe, the continent with the longest history of a developed/modern world?
Well, that would bring us in first place to the antiques of the 15th to 20th century. There lay the foundations of the modern furniture, that lead to various "ethnic" styles, Italian somehow different than British, French somehow different than Scandinavian, etc ...

So we're talking about Western Antiques, mainly. But also in the reproduction, colonial and the modern designs we can recognize the ethnic origins of the various European cultures, see below for that.

European Antiques in our wholesale warehouse in China Beijing

We want to be THE place where Chinese buy European Antiques. But we've also realized that for ex. our American buyers added a piece or 3 of nice French armoires to their container of Chinese antiques.

The crisis opened opportunities to invest in Western Antiques. And the Chinese intelligently understood that. Some see it as the import/export business of antiques has been inversed, and that it is in some way true. While we, with Asian Home Deco, were selling FCL's of high end Chinese antiques to mainly the "West", it are now Chinese buying some marvelous pieces from European dealers who are eager to keep their business running.

flanagan irish antiques

We've partnered up with Flanagans, the number one antique dealer in Ireland. You can read all about it here: High End Antiques from Ireland in China.

bureau georgian antique bureau georgian antiquebureau georgian antique

We receive offers almost every week, from dealer in Europe who beg us to sell their stock in China ... but we're careful who we do business with and work upon customer/Chinese buyer's request, then go sourcing for the right items via agents in Spain, France, Belgium, Holland or Germany.
(if you are an antique dealer who has items to sell on the Chinese market, then contact us for more info)


Overview of our European styles

Besides real European antiques from Germany, France and Italy, we also supply nice repro collections.
You can view them in our gallery of European repro furniture:

European Styles in China

Art Deco
In Shanghai the Art Deco was very common. As a result there are nice antique pieces of Art Deco furniture to be sourced from there.

It's a style that has never been very popular in the rest of China and no matter how fashionable it maybe in a flat in Newyork, here in China it's not "in".

European Antiques had mixed success in China. In hotels and bars they can be used to create a Western atmosphere. But in side Chinese homes they are rare, except for some very unique "show-off" pieces.

But, tastes develop and fashion changes. It's amazing how much progress there has already been made in the past 10 year in "fashion-mindedness" of the Chinese middle class. And this is will continue, even more now that many foreign interior brands are developing the local market.