It is a collection by designer Carlos Baladia. It's a total concept, combinign simple lines with natural wood feeling, and ethnic accessories. After great success in Europe, we're now bringing it to China.
  • FHQ goes Guangzhou

    Furniture HQ is participating to the Intl. Exhbition in Guangzhou. We will mainly be showing our partners DM Depot and BLISS.
  • Tibetan Style

    Ethnic furniture and craftsmanship from Tibet. Check our stock Tibetan hand painted items. Unique opportunity NOW.
  • DM Depot

    Art meets pottery. Furiture HQ's partnered up with a leader in tableware and pottery. DM Depot is one of the brands we represent and develop in China.
  • Asian Home Deco

    A portal for sourcing your traditional Chinese furniture and Asian antiques. Offering a selected stock of various warehouses all over China.


Wholesale ethnic furniture and deco for the home interior: world wide styles as well as modern designs, all under one roof. That stands for the products our company offers. You could call it the "Head Quarters of furniture". But HQ also stands for something else, find it out here.
www.huanqiu-jiaju.com (worldwide lifestyle-interior) is the Chinese side of our business, focused on selling in China.

Weather you're a professional buyer, designer or just look for an original piece for your private home, we might have it in our warehouse!
If you are looking to sell, then this website will also give you information about the services we offer for developing foreign brands in China. 

china import map worldWho we are and what we do ...

We import and sell B2B on the local Chinese market; we're the distributors or representatives of some decor brands.
But we also export the cheapest mixed container loads of furniture and decorations.
read more here: "about FHQ"

Started in 1999 as exporter of Chinese antique furniture and Asian home deco, growing out to become a leader in providing fashionable traditional furniture and decorations.

One-stop warehouse

For the buyers in China we are a wholesaler. In our warehouse in Beijing China we've collected carefully sourced cabinets, tables, chairs, boxes, lamps, and many more interior decoration items and furniture from all over the world. Real antiques, reproduction or newly made. We are a real one-stop global furniture store.
International buyers come here to assemble their containers of big and small
crafts from China, South America, India, Africa, Europe, and more.

Inside the warehouse we also hold a kind of continuing exhibition with example rooms of how our brands will be presented in shops. One of the unique services we offer is a full business model ready to be implemented in your business, (mini) franchises that will add a new atmosphere to your business.

Check out our products here: imported brands to China.

Business Development in China - Market Entry services

To make the business we do possible, we need suppliers. To attract those suppliers we've setup various market entry and business development programs. That goes from simple consignment business over managing your reps office till setting op a Joint Venture with your company. We believe to be the best option for you thanks to our specialization in the furniture industry and experience from many years of trading business with KNG Asia (the mother company).


Furniture HQ is a young project within the holding company KNG Asia, but it's developing fast.

Take your time to surf around the website because there's a lot to learn! And come back regularly to see the new collections and brands.

You can read more about the history of the managers and the company here.


Do not hesitate to contact us in the meantime for any remarks or questions via : frederic@kngasia.com  


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Remember: If you plan to buy furniture in China, source furnishings in Asia, search for European antiques, try South American styles or African woodcarvings, then you should know that you can find it all under one roof, one huge warehouse in Beijing, China.